We are pleased to announce the creation of a USD $1.2 million grant fund for Bitcoin protocol development. This grant will support teams working on Bitcoin protocol development, foster greater diversity of innovation, and improve freedom of choice for all Bitcoin users.  

The following principles are offered to all members of the Bitcoin community as a foundation upon which to establish common ground moving forward. :

    1. No "Official" Bitcoin: No particular implementation of the Bitcoin protocol holds claim to being the "official" version of Bitcoin
    2. Multiple Implementations: Diversity of bitcoin protocol implementation along with a variety of development teams is a net gain for the bitcoin community.
    3. Diversity of Innovation: The presence of more developers and more development teams will lead to greater diversity of innovation and solutions to the problems we will inevitably face as a growing industry.
    4. Bitcoin is Leaderless: Bitcoin is a leaderless community comprised of many parts, and no team of developers has decision making authority for the entire community.
    5. No Censorship: Disagreement is healthy within a complex community such as ours. Yet the benefits of discussion, debate, and dissent require communication channels to remain free and open. Although we respect the right of private communities to run themselves as they see fit, the signers of this statement implore members of bitcoin to reject censorship and encourage them to support those platforms where free and open discussion is allowed to take place.

By finding common ground in the above statements, and by showing good faith towards all developers who wish to contribute to the development of Bitcoin, we can begin to mend the deep rift that has divided and distracted our still-nascent community and industry.

If you are working on a Bitcoin protocol related project, and would like to request more information or apply for a grant, please send an email to apply@bitcoindevelopmentgrant.com.

Contributing Signers

Supporting Signers


Brian Armstrong
Co-founder and CEO of Coinbase
Luke "Luke-jr" Dashjr
Bitcoin Core Developer
Fred Ehrsam
Co-Founder and President of Coinbase
Jeff Garzik
CEO & Co-founder of Bloq
Ron Gross
Israeli Bitcoin Association
David Johnston
Co-founder and Chairman of Factom
Jonathan J. Klinger, Adv.
Israeli Bitcoin Association
Xiangfu Liu
Founder, Canaan Creative Hong Kong
Luzius Meisser
Board member of Bitcoin Association of Switzerland
Mark Mueller-Eberstein
CEO, Adgetec Corporation
Sean Walsh
Redwood City Ventures, Bitcoin and Blockchain Investment
Leonhard Weese
Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong